You Won’t Believe People Actually Eat These Food Combos

Ask us for food combinations that make 100% sense, and we’ll reel of combos like burgers and fries, bacon and eggs and yogurt with fries. Some may seem a bit beyond the norm, but once you try them, you appreciate the taste and general greatness. For example, one might scratch their head at the idea of putting peanut butter and jelly together, or meat and fruit, or even waffles together with fried chicken. Others though, we truly think were thought up by a complete lunatic.

Just thinking about these combinations makes us scratch our heads in question; how were they even discovered? Who would think it is okay to try them? Why were they even invented in the first place? And in the name all that is good- why are they so popular? It goes against every sense and logic that pasts and ketchup be allowed to even come into contact; or the combination of marshmallows and a hot dog, or even more disgusting, soy sauce on ice cream. This is real life though, and these combinations do exist- because there is little logic or sense in the world.

Pickles and Chocolate

Bustle actually claims that chocolate acting as a dip for pickles is not such a new concept. We are still unsure what ancient tradition introduced this disgusting practice, but we do know whoever did could have had some sense talked into them at the time. Delish writer, Lena Abrahams, actually popularised the trend of chocolate-covered pickles in 2017 when she wrote a piece on the internet about the combo. Since that time, people have actually given the weird food a try in large numbers. As to be expected, people have really diverse opinions on whether or not the combination actually tastes good, or if it’s a large fail (guess which opinion we have).

Some people have lauded the mixture; saying that the pickles’ saltiness and chocolate sweetness is a good mix, while other people have equally praised the flavors, saying they complement each other well. Smarter critics, have, however, disregarded all claims of a mouth-watering delicacy, and snubbed the weird mouth feel of the combo. Try for yourself, and see how it tastes to you. Or, you could take our word for it, and don’t.

Pasta and Ketchup

This second food combination is so wrong; the Italians are seeing it as an insult. A 2013 interview with The Local had the president of an Italian food organization, Gianluigi Zenti, expressing his displeasure with the combination; saying it was actually one of the most popular weird foods visitors and foreigners request for. “When people ask, ‘Where can I get pasta and ketchup?’ we are horrified,” he told the site. “It has nothing to do with Italian cuisine.” The dish is actually something of a food celebrity, making headlines when Trump appointee, Brett Kavanaugh, was revealed to eat his own pasta with helpings of ketchup on top.

It is actually a feat for us to imagine what exactly people enjoy by ruining a perfectly fine plate of pasta with ketchup. Maybe they enjoy the sweetness of the ketchup, or the mix of textures is something of a genius move to them? Or, maybe they are just unaware of the existence of pasta sauce. Whatever people say is the reason behind their madness, we really shouldn’t be surprised the Italians are offended by this.

Ice cream and fries

This one is especially offensive because so many awesome things already go so well with fries, or ice cream. If you have any left over from your pasta, you can eat your fries with some ketchup. Of course, mustard and mayo are also perfectly acceptable alternatives. There is also an assortment of choices in sauces and condiments; BBQ sauce, chili sauce, salt and vinegar, melted cheese, garlic mayo, sour cream and gravy. Everything works perfectly with fries. Still, people still choose to accompany their fries with melted ice cream.

Yes, that is exactly as it sounds. You take some perfectly good fries and ice cream (slightly melted), and put them together to form something else (fries cream?). Fans of Wendy’s have helped in popularising the combo by constantly requesting fries dipped in a Frosty. Needless to say, everything about this is contrast. The sweet meets the salty; the hard hits the soft, and the hot meets cold. It is almost a war area in your mouth, with the two foods in a battle for the supreme reign. Maybe that is what has people so enamoured.

The Chickle

The unfortunate portmanteau is enough grounds for an argument on how much of a fail this food combination is. A Chickle is the crafty name for a pickle stuffed with hot chicken. And, we all have The Fresno Grizzlies, a minor league baseball team to thank for this, as they are the ones who came up with the Chickle for a match against the Nashville Sounds in 2017. Unfortunately –or fortunately- for fans of this food, the chickle was only made available for two days when the teams played against each other.

Despite all these, the Chickle actually turned out to be something of a celebrated creation, making headlines with mixed reviews all over the world. Metro called it “deeply unsettling.” Mashable left their review on the fence, referring to it as “either genius or disgusting.” WideOpenEats described it as “everything you could want from chicken inside a pickle.

And even though the Chickle is not quite up to the heights that hamburgers and pizzas have gotten to, we can say that it is worthy of some applause as an act of innovation from the Grizzlies. However, they can hold off on the innovations from now.

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